Built Green Energy Star

What You Can’t See Really Matters.

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We know you’ll love your new home at Arbors, and some of the features you’ll love most are ones you can’t even see. Our homes work overtime -- not only to save you hundreds of dollars in annual energy costs, but also to help save the environment. All Arbors patio homes are designed to be approximately 40 percent more energy efficient than typical new homes built to current building codes. Overall, our “High-Performance” homes are more comfortable, durable and safe. That’s value you may not see, but you can certainly measure!

Our “Green,” Energy-Efficiency and High-Performance Features:

  • High-performance framing techniques as well as 2x6 construction, which allows for more insulation throughout

  • Blown-in cellulose insulation

  • Advanced air-sealing techniques for a tighter building envelope

  • Energy-efficient windows with Low-E coating and argon gas

  • Fresh-air ventilation system for continuous fresh air and a healthier indoor environment

  • Moisture management techniques, including use of Tyvek stucco wrap, thorough window and door flashing and exterior penetration flashing

  • Use of manufactured/composite wood products, when possible

  • An ultra-efficient forced-air furnace and air conditioner that saves dollars and provides enhanced comfort

  • Carefully designed and installed ductwork, which is tested for minimal leakage

  • Testing of every home to ensure each home performs as planned

  • Optional solar electric systems, which provide electricity from sunlight

  • Enhanced safety with sealed combustion furnace, water heater and fireplace, eliminating the possibility of carbon monoxide back drafting

  • Carbon monoxide detectors are standard

Every one of our homes receives careful testing for integrity of the heating system, as well as for overall tightness of the home. Our patio homes are enrolled in not one, but two energy efficiency and green-building programs: Built Green and Energy Star. Our homes greatly exceed the requirements of these respected programs.

"You were all superior. Thank you!"
-Kevin Quinn
For More Information, Please Call Judi Phillips: 303.366.2555