Because we have a passion to build innovative, energy efficient homes with pride, intelligence and commitment. And because we believe in building smart... for you, and for future generations.

We take a great deal of pride in the
homes we build.
Our mission is to create a higher standard of home. Harvard Communities homes meet the needs and challenges of our times including: high and volatile energy costs, resource conservation, energy security and protecting our environment.
What is a High Performance Home,
and Why Should I Care?

In today's resource conscious world, a quality home is not just about the surface materials like trim and tile, it is about what's under the skin. It is the things that are more difficult to see that make all the difference.

Today, these proudly built resource conscious homes are referred to as:

High Performance Homes.
We believe your home should be about more than standard features. Energy efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality and durability are the hallmarks of High Performance Homes.
"What is the use of a House if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on"

- Henry David Thoreau

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