What Our High Performance
Homes Include:
State-of-the-Art Energy Efficiency:
Our building techniques, technologies and equipment provide for a home that is approximately 4o percent more energy efficient than new homes built to current codes. Harvard homes include super-tight shell construction, high insulation values, energy efficient windows, building wrap and careful attention to the details of framing. We also provide super efficient furnaces.

Temperature Control:
We pay special attention to the balance of variation in temperature, from room to room and floor to floor, minimizing drafts and cold spots. This is achieved by careful heating and cooling system design & installation, tight "shell" construction, and generous attention to detail, creating greater comfort, all year.

Indoor Air Quality:
Fresh air ventilation systems provide for a steady flow of fresh air in the home, and this means better indoor air quality for you and your family.
Home Safety:
A closed combustion water heater and furnace eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide "back-drafting", and include carbon monoxide detectors. We are also careful to provide room to room pressure balancing.

Moisture Management:
Keeping the water out of the house is a bigger challenge than you think. Harvard carefully flashes doors and windows, installs premium house wrap, provides basement water-proofing, and carefully tests all potential moisture penetrations. Eliminating water intrusion means a healthier, more durable home!

Long-Term Value:
We think a High Performance Home is a more valuable home, saving energy and money every day. A home that is comfortable, safe and durable. And, while it is reasonable to think that all homes should offer these qualities, they don't. Harvard sweats the details to make our homes perform at the highest standards.
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